The Iraq Al Amir women’s cooperative Association was founded by the Noor Al- Hussein Foundation over two decades ago. It aimed to make the women financially independent and to raise their standard of living by increasing their income and preserving local heritage. Under the umbrella of the NHF the project employed 41 women in the production of hand- made paper, hand-woven fabric, ceramics/clay, and food processing. The NHF then turned to capacity building with an extensive training on finance and admin, quality control, product design, marketing, and donor linkages after the women’s cooperative took complete ownership of their project.

The cooperation exists to keep their culture alive, protect the environment, and to provide meaningful employment for local women in the village.

The workshop is organized into three domains; handmade paper production, pottery, and a hand weaving mill with three handlooms. In addition, the women at Iraq Al Amir are renowned for their fresh and delicious produce, often catering for visitors and clients.